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Mithril cloud

Mithril cloud is a fully managed version of BlindAI so users don’t need to worry about finding the hardware and setting up our solution to start experimenting with Confidential AI.

Now, uploading a model and querying it securely becomes trivial and can be done in a few lines of code, as shown in the quickstart example.

Privacy guarantees

Even though we are hosting the BlindAI instance, Intel SGX technology, and BlindAI's implementation gives you a way to be certain that the model and the data you send to the server are confidential. Here is a detailed explanation of the steps to take to ensure you are securely using Mithril cloud, or any other remote BlindAI instance.


If you want to quickly try Mithril cloud, you can take a look at the demo.


In Mithril Cloud, you can evaluate already uploaded models even if you do not have an account. Creating an account is free and allows you to upload your own models via your account's API key, there are restrictions however as you can only have one model uploaded at a time, with a size limit of 700 MB per model. You can also test models that you have not uploaded as long as you know their model_id.

If you need more space, more features, or more privacy guarantees, contact us at so that we can discuss it together.