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BlindAI Project Structure

The project has several parts:

  • /client: BlindAI client SDK, programmed with Python programming language.
  • /server: the inference server, programmed using the Rust programming language
  • /server/proto: the gRPC protobuf files, for RPC communication between the server and clients
  • /server/blindai_app: the host part, responsible for starting and managing the enclave
  • /server/blindai_sgx: the enclave part (trusted execution environment), using Intel SGX
  • /server/blindai_sgx_attestation: DCAP attestation library, imported from the Apache Teaclave project and modified to suit our needs
  • /server/blindai_common: common library used by the host and enclave
  • /server/blindai_rpc: common library used by the host and enclave, used for RPC communications